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Outdoor Dining In The Bahamas


With the spread of the coronavirus, we are having to innovate and change the way that we socialize moving forward. We have been encouraged to avoid enclosed areas, especially indoor restaurants, clubs, bars, etc. The experts have said that outdoor dining is best given our current circumstances. As such, I think we all can agree that there is no better place to dine outdoors than our beautiful Bahama Islands. We have no shortage of sunshine — I think we can all agree to that.

But, besides the sun, we have the ambience of beachfront options such as Nesbitt’s. Some outdoor dining also features beautiful panoramic views of our stunning architecture. There is no limit to the options for a quality and affordable outdoor dining experience. Outside of beach fronts, we also have a plethora of upper and lower deck patio options, such as Cricket Club and Green Parrot Bar and Grill.

 There’s nothing better than enjoying a cold beverage with some conchy conch fritters by your side and great company. The Bahamas was built for outdoor dining, and our environment lends to the sun’s healing glow as we socialize in these new and changing times.

If we are to adapt to the changes brought on by COVID-19, we must innovate and not be afraid to evolve in our thinking, evolve in the way we go about our day to day lives and, within that vein, evolve in our dining experiences. There’s no better opportunity than now to go outside, sit on a shady patio and enjoy the beautiful weather of our island home of The Bahamas.