Beaches On Cat Island

Beaches On Cat Island

The beaches of Cat Island are just as glorious and secluded as the island itself, with an eight-mile stretch of pink-sand beach and numerous others with white sand. You can always find a quiet spot for picnicking, shelling, swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling and kayaking. Some of the best beaches are at the resorts; local favorites include Fountain Bay Beach, New Bight Beach Old Bight Beach and Orange Creek Beach. Others just waiting for you to stumble upon them are Pine Bat Beach, Turtle Cove Beach, Alligator Bay Beach, Port Royal Beach, Oyster Lake Beach, Man O' War Point Beach, Camperdown Beach, and North Shore Beach.

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Types of Beaches in Cat Island
Top 10 Beaches

Top 10

  1. Greenwood Beach
  2. Fernandez Bay Village Beach
  3. Hawk's Nest Resort & Marina Beach
  4. Island HoppInn Beach
  5. Orange Creek/Orange Creek Beach
  6. New Bight Beach
  7. Old Bight Beach
  8. Fountain Bay Beach
  9. Pigeon Cay Club Beach
  10. Sammy T's Resort Beach
Secluded Beaches


The white- and rose-colored beaches on Cat Island are as secluded as the island itself, perfect for beachcombing, picnicking, sunbathing or watching beautiful sunsets on the sand, alone or with the object of your affection.

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Family Friendly Beaches

Family Friendly

Most beaches here are family-friendly, but Fountain Bay Beach is unique. It has an in-ground natural fountain nearby and a shallow lagoon where you can snorkel right off the beach and see a variety of small marine life.

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Exclusive Beaches


The beach at Fernandez Bay Village has a mile-long stretch of fine, white sand along the entire bay. It offers shade throughout the day under the casuarinas, making it perfect for picnics. And, you'll certainly want to stick around for the stunning sunsets!

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Active Beaches


New Bight Beach, site of the annual Cat Island Regatta, is the most active beach and a popular spot for locals, who hold weekend dances and holiday picnics there. The beaches at hotels and resorts are launchpads for a number of water-based activities and you can play a variety of games on the sand.

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