10 Things an Island Tour Can Teach You

You have been visiting Nassau for years or even better you were born in Nassau and have lived there your entire life.
You think you know all there is to know about the island. Besides the island is only 21x7, what is there to know? However, there are some things that can shock even the savviest person.
Touring Nassau is entirely different from driving in Nassau, it’s slower and it offers its own rhythm: only those who have toured it will really understand.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Bahamas Island Tours

Here are ten things an island tour taught me:

  1. There are three beaches in the back of Clifton Heritage Park: the Johnstone Beach, Jaws Beach and Snorkel Site.
  2. The largest underwater sculpture in the world is located just behind the Clifton Heritage Park.
  3. Fort Fincastle, Fort Charlotte and Fort Montague were built to prepare for a war against the French, but only one fort saw action, Fort Charlotte was not that fort.
  4. Fort Charlotte is more than a party site. It is actually three forts in one comprising of Fort Charlotte (the eastern side), Fort Stanley (the middle section) and Fort D’Arcy (the western section).
  5. If you look closely on the walls of Fort Charlotte you will see drawings done by soldiers when they were bored while waiting for a little action.
  6. Photo-shoots in the Cave of New Providence are the best you’ll ever experience in your life.
  7. Although there are bats in the cave, they will never come near you because your body produces too much heat.
  8. The cave is actually underground.
  9. Be careful that the time you choose to explore the cave isn’t one of the two times that it gets filled every day.
  10. People can swim in the cave. Seriously. When the tide gets high and fills out the cave, which happens twice a day – people swim in it.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Bahamas Island Tours

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