The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here! Although here in The Bahamas, it can be argued that summer never left but we know better ─ it definitely has. See, summer just isn’t a season; it’s a feeling and it’s associated with all the best things in The Bahamas. Some of these things you can find outlined on this list of fun things to do this summer.


Nassau - Fun

  1. Lounge by SLS Privilege Pool this summer. All the cool kids are doing it.
  2. Taste The Islands Of The Bahamas at Sun & Ice (Coral Towers Lobby) with flavors such as soursop and caramelized sugar banana delicately fused to make “Yea Bey” which can only be described as an explosion of sweet Bahamian flavors.
  3. Brunch with the locals at Lite Vibes (an all-day party), while sampling tasty local treats and listening to top hits.
  4. Discover all the art murals, even the hidden ones, on a tour with Islandz Tours.
  5. Practice strutting like a flamingo after watching the Marching Flamingoes show at Ardastra Gardens.

Long Island

Long Island - fun

  1. Hit the hiking trail and visit the Columbus Monument at Cape Santa Maria.
  2. Pack your swimsuit and plunge into the blue hole at Lochabar Beach.
  3. Hitch a boat ride or rent a boat and go to Blue Sound. Be sure to take your floatie.
  4. Swim in the Shrimp Hole but be sure to leave the shrimp there. Pack walking tennis as it’s a rugged journey to get there.
  5. Explore Hamilton's Cave, which is one of the largest caves in The Bahamas.

Cat Island

Cat island - fun

  1. Float your worries away at the Healing Pond.
  2. Plan a sunset climb to Como Hill and enjoy a beautiful sunset at the top of the highest point in The Bahamas.
  3. The Bat Caves on Cat Island are one of the island’s best kept secrets.
  4. Live a little and feed the sharks at Hawk’s Nest.
  5. Go back in time while wandering through the ruins of Deveaux Plantation Ruins.


Androsia - fun

  1. Tour the Androsia Batik Fabric factory. Be sure to take cash as you’re going to want to purchase the entire factory.
  2. Legend has it that Henry Morgan’s Cave was the hideout of the Caribbean’s most feared pirate. Buried treasure is said to still be around. There’s only one way to find out.
  3. Swim with exotic fish species in the Andros Barrier Reef.
  4. The Native Colony Ruins are the perfect example of vintage Bahamian style architecture. Round up some friends and explore.
  5. Be one with nature and take a tour of the West Side National Park with Bahamas National Trust. Make sure wear a swimsuit, in case you have time to slap around in a kayak.

How are you spending your summer in The Bahamas? We want to know, be sure to tag us using the hashtag #ItsBetterinTheBahamas!