Who wouldn’t want to embark on a cruise to The Bahamas?

5 Must See Sights for Cruise Visitors

Who wouldn’t want to embark on a cruise to The Bahamas? The waters are blue, the culture is rich, and the people are brimming with excitement to share what makes The Islands Of The Bahamas so special. Traveling through turquoise waters and whisking by 700 Islands and Cays on your cruise of choice turns your voyage into an up close and personal sightseeing adventure - destination paradise. While you’re making your way to our busiest cruise port located in the heart of downtown Nassau, know that just steps away from the port await island sights and sounds you won’t want to miss.

Here are 5 must-see sights for seabound explorers looking to take a stroll around the island.

1.    Señor Frogs

This spot is known to for its fun, light hearted feel. If you’re in the mood for a fiesta with an island flair, visit for more tropical drinks, margaritas and quesadillas that you can dream of. From day to night, Señor Frogs Bahamas is filled with a lively party atmosphere perfect for all ages, against the backdrop of our clear blue waters to match.

Senor Frogs

2.    Pirates Republic

Known for its unique locally brewed craft beers, Pirates Republic brings new life to the downtown front street area. Just steps away from the cruise ship terminal on Woodes Rogers Walk, expect a variety of one-of-a-kind pirate themed beers brewed within, complemented by a full dining menu. If not for the food and beer, visit to check out the booty... we mean the gift shop. It’s complete with a whimsical mix of pirate-isms and beer quotes that are a must have for serious craft beer indulgers.

Pirates Republic

3.    Nassau Public Library

Constructed between 1798 and 1799 as the country’s first prison, this octagon-shaped building was converted to a library, reading room and museum in 1879.  Take a stroll through to uncover the history of The Bahamas along with stories and tales found in books from all around the world. A definite must see for local Arawak artifacts, collections of historic prints and a variety of colonial documents and newspapers.

 Nassau Public Library  

4.    Pirates of Nassau

Linked back to the country’s colorful era of piracy, Pirates of Nassau reenacts the story of plundering, sea searching and governance under the law of piracy. Piracy in The Bahamas may have ended in the early 1720s, but there’s still so much to be uncovered from our history. Take a tour to learn more about infamous pirates like Edward Teach, aka Black Beard, Anne Bonnie and Mary Read.

Pirates Of Nassau

5.    Christ Church Cathedral

As an island nation, The Bahamas is filled with so much religious history. Christ Church Cathedral, the first church built in these islands in 1670, is the "Mother Church" of all the Anglican churches of not only The Bahamas, but also the Turks and Caicos. Beautifully constructed, Christ Church Cathedral stands as a reminder of religious freedom which was established in The Bahamas as early as the 1670s, during the reign of British monarch, King Charles II. To this very day, mass his held daily giving locals and visitors an opportunity to worship together.

Christ Church Cathedral

If you’re planning to visit Nassau, Bahamas without ever leaving the ship, think again. This little island has so much history, sites and wonder just steps away from the main cruise port. Give yourself a moment to explore these and so many other must- see attractions to get a real sense of the island. You won’t be when adding these must-see suggestions to your paradise adventure to do list.

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