Experience: Sunset Jeep Tour

There’s something about leaning on his chest while racing towards the sunset with your hair lightly slapping your face. It’s magical, one of those feelings that isn’t easily achieved, but you’re comfortable, and the scene around you is perfectly set with the sky looking as if it’s slowly being set on fire.

In an effort to do something different, my guy and I decided to do a Sunset Jeep Tour with Bowcar Rental. The description on the website had been simple and I was looking forward to the drinks while he was there for the history. His priorities are better than mine, most days.

We met Karah at Bowcar Rentals anticipating a quiet tour with little to no excitement. Instead, we were blessed with the her company, and boy, was she full of information about the Bahamas, not to mention funny and super engaging. Our tour lasted two hours, although if we had opted for a romantic dinner on the beach instead, it would have been three.

We began with a stop at Graycliff, which was built in 1740 by Captain John Howard Graysmith, a famous pirate. We parked and she gave us the history on the famous wine cellar, the Heritage Museum, and the many classes offered by Graycliff.  After we had learned all she could teach us about Graycliff, we stopped just opposite Arawak Cay at Chipman Estate. I have been driving past Chipman Estate for years, in fact, I drive past it every day, and until we stopped, I had never realised it was there. It’s an old plantation that sits in front of Chippingham and is extremely valuable to a family known for its cultural contributions, the Chipman’s. We continued heading west briefly stopping at the Greek Church, St Francis Cathedral, and St. Mary’s.  

Bahamas Blog Sunset Jeep Tour

We stopped at Fort Charlotte (which was closed)  and took in the view and learned about the history of the multi-hued ocean that surrounds the islands. We still hadn't had our drink yet, and I had no idea where we were getting it from (because at this point, it was apparent that I knew much less about my island than I thought).

We pulled up to Baha Mar and Karah announced that we would enjoy a drink at The Daiquiri Shack. It sits in the parking lot of Baha Mar and is one of the most popular attractions out west. You’re allowed to completely customize your drink and Brian or one of his sons makes you the best daiquiri you’ll ever have.

Drinks in hand, we turned on some music and prepared ourselves to watch the sunset hand in hand as we sailed back to Bowcar Rentals.

Bahamas Blog Sunset Jeep Tour

Sunset Jeep Tour is a splendid way to wind down while learning about The Bahamas.