The Festival That’s Sweeter Than Sugar

Eleuthera’s 32nd Pineapple Festival, sweetest thing on the island


For over 32 years, the island of Eleuthera has welcomed both domestic and international tourists to its shores to celebrate the sweetest thing that has hit The Bahamas - pineapples. The festival dates back to 1988 as a way to celebrate local pineapple farmers for transforming the industry and making a lifestyle harvesting pineapples. These men and women created a lucrative heritage that has diversified the island giving residents an additional reason to be proud Bahamians.


As this thorny crowned fruit grows in popularity throughout the world for its sweet nature and unique features, what matters most is taste. Eleuthera’s reputation precedes itself by its cultivation of signature pale but palatable pineapples making this Bahamian island the Pineapple Capital of the Caribbean and home to some of the sweetest pineapples in the world.

With great sweetness comes an even greater responsibility to host a spectacular pineapple themed festival. For over 30 years, Pineapple Fest continues to attract visitors far and wide by showcasing the perfect mix of music, culture, culinary  delights and entertainment.

Dare I ask, what makes Pineapple Fest so sweet?

For one, the island is brimming over with unmarred landscapes. The stunning [SN2] terrain of the island is unmatched with lush greenery, hill-like peaks and valleys; a definite change of scenery from the cityscapes of Nassau and Paradise Island. On your way to the festival grounds you’ll take in stretches of blue ocean vistas punctuated with pockets of green foliage and the occasional pineapple field.  Just the drive through the settlements will make the trip to Eleuthera worth the visit.


If there’s a festival on the island, [SN3] the locals are always excited to share with anyone from near or far what makes their island, the best little island in The Bahamas. It’s safe to say that a common answer would be the island’s sweet, sweet pineapples. Eleutherans from all ends of the island made their way to the festival site in Gregory Town to share their expertise in bush teas, strawplaiting, pineapple eating and culinary confections — all in celebration of the island’s pineapple culture.

souvenir vendor

Where there are locals, music can’t be far behind. From start to sundown the Pineapple Fest stage rocked with local entertainers from throughout The Bahamas[SN4] [JM5] . Musicians and Entertainers such as The Rahming Brothers, Freedom Marching Band, Island Flavour Band, Bennet and The Boys, Stevies, Fanshawn, Blue Waters Band, Veronica Bishop, Puzzle, Julien Believe, D-Mac and more kept the crowd on their feet as they introduced Bahamian and Caribbean music to the festivalgoers.

One of the most exciting elements to the festival is walking around the festival grounds discovering pineapples infused in daiquiris, cooked and baked into your favorite foods. If you haven’t guessed by now...pineapples make Pineapple Fest extra sweet. There’s something about the sweet taste of the Eleutheran ‘sugar loaf’ that keeps Bahamians and visitors coming back for more. Be sure to mark your calendar for the 33rd Pineapple Fest and #FlyAway to get a taste of your own.