A quick Google Search of "Things to do In Bimini, Bahamas" yields countless activities surrounding scuba diving, fishing, and sharks. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing better than swimming or fishing in Bimini's gorgeous blue seas, in fact we encourage it. But for someone like me that prefers life a little slower, I always look for activities that do not necessarily increase my heart rate.

During my exploration of Bimini, I came to love and appreciate the sheer simplicity of the island. Everything seems to be just as it was when the island was first discovered, a timeless beauty. But most of Bimini's adventures center the beautiful Bimini blue water and sharks, which the island is known for.

Here are my five picks of things to do in Bimini that does not include sharks.

1. The Healing Hole: This made my Bahamas bucket-list, and even though I wasn't fortunate enough to visit, this will always remain my number one pick. There is something intensely refreshing about a freshwater pond that is rumored to have healing properties. It's almost magical, in fact. It's located in Bonefish Creek, East Bimini and only accessible by boat.

Healing Hole

2. The Bimini Museum: Formerly a Commissioners house and jail, the Bimini Museum was built in 1921 and abandoned in 1974. In 1999, it was restored by Sir Michael and Lady Barbara Checkly, and for the history buffs, anything concerning Bimini is kept here including: Martin Luther King's immigration card and a rare fishing film of Ernest Hemingway. The only downfall is it's not open daily, but the islanders are working on it.

Bimini Museum

3. The Dolphin House: No Bimini list would be complete without Dolphin House. Described as a "big sculpture" by the owner and artist, Ashley Saunders. the Dolphin House is built completely of natural resources and recycled items. It's a labour of love and that's how visitors treat it. It's a musuem house made out of sea glass, bottles washed up on the shore, tiles and anything else Ashley can find.

Dolphin House

4. The Gallant Lady Shipwreck: Honestly, there is something about shipwrecks I find truly fascinating. Even better when they're on land and I'm not worried about anything interrupting my explorations. This shipwreck rests on the rocks near a beach in North Bimini. The story is that a freighter sailed from Belize City and crashed onto shore during a hurricane in 1997. Twenty years later, the ship still sits where it first crashed, rusty and slowly disappearing. It may not sound like much but you won't know until you visit.

The Gallant Shipwreck

5. The Bimini Bay Rod & Gun Club: If you ever make it to the Gallant Shipwreck, turn around and you will find the remains of one of the largest hotels in its time sitting on its own beach. It was completed in 1920 and was home to one of the first casinos built in The Bahamas but it was met with limited success as a hurricane hit the island in 1926 and the hotel suffered irreparable damage. If you wander to the front of the property, you'll see where visitors stayed and if you ask nicely, perhaps Cushing Daniel will give you a brief tour of the property.

Bimini Big Game and Rod Club

There's always fish in the sea, if that's what you're looking for, but don't forget to leisure while you're here. Enjoy the island life, in Bimini.