It's National Pizza Day and we know you can celebrate this special day anywhere but instead, you're in The Bahamas with the prospect of celebrating with us. This is exciting, and to help you celebrate, we've taken the opportunity of rounding up the places around The Bahamas where you can find the best Bahamian pizzas or regular cheese pizza, if you're allergic.

1. Edith's Pizza, Bimini - No trip to Bimini is complete without a stop at Edith's. One— it's overlooking the beautiful ocean that you traveled thousands of miles to enjoy, and two — it's quite possibly one of the best homemade personal pan pizzas this side of Italy. Tip: try the Lobster pizza, it's worth the wait.

2. Out Da Sea, Grand Bahama - We know you traveled all the way to The Bahamas for a unique island visit and that's what a visit at Out Da Sea is. An atmosphere described as rustic, if you're a fan of good pizza and cats, then this is definitely the place where you want to spend your National Pizza Day. Tip: Try the Seafood pizza.

3. Abaco Pizza - Unfortunately, if you're looking for a place to sit down, this isn't the one. As the name suggests, it’s a shack that offers take out only. Fortunately, for you, they make great pizzas at a reasonable price and the wait time is incredible. The ingredients are fresh and the pizzas are made to order - if you're more of a slice kinda person, then you're in luck. Tip: try the Classic pizza, it's a taste of home, wherever that may be.

4. Tiny's Hurricane Hole, Long Island - Let's just say what you're thinking: the best part about enjoying pizza in The Bahamas is the view, literally. Enjoying a pizza at Tiny's means that you're sitting on the top of the bay under the gazebo inhaling the scent of the ocean while enjoying the nice ocean breeze anticipating sharing the 14” handmade pizza with your family or friends. The only requirement Tiny’s has is to call ahead as the crust is made fresh to order. Tip: Seafood pizza, only because you enjoy the catch of the day along with succulent pieces of seafood.

5. Blue Sail, Nassau - Fresh wood oven pizzas, overlooking one of the best beaches the island has to offer, what more can you ask for? The pizzas are thin crust, which is great if you're visiting on your cheat day. Tip: Try the Blue Sail pizza.