The Green Parrot Harbour Front: Everything You’ll Ever Need from an Island Bar and Grill

There is a duality to visiting The Bahamas. On the one hand, it’s very easy to just sit back, relax with a cold local beverage of your choice and forget the world around you. Adjacent to the euphoria of letting go is the magnificent distraction of everything the islands have to offer. Beautiful, sandy beaches, water so clear, it’s almost glass and not to mention the two behemoth monuments to our culture and lifestyle; Baha Mar and Atlantis.

If you’re like me, you enjoy the trappings of modern elegance, convenience and often awe-inspiring entertainment, events and fun. But there are times you want to get away from it all, have a meal and a drink away from the noise, while still enjoying the island and all it has to offer. Well, as luck would have it, no more than a 5-minute walk from Atlantis’ Marina Village is the Green Parrot on Paradise Island.

Yes, I know, it sounds like a place James Bond would have met yet another of his paramours for a Vesper Martini (shaken…not stirred) as the ambience is in keeping with island life and yet surrounded by aquatic opulence at its finest. Located a stone’s throw away from the ocean, the Green Parrot is nestled right next to a resting dock for private yachts. The crew and yacht owners frequent this hidden gem for their affordable drinks and quick and easy food options. They carry traditional American favourites like cheeseburgers, Philly cheesesteaks (a personal favourite) and even the good old hot dog. But make no mistake, local favourites are also available.

Be sure to try their succulent, straight out of the fryer, conch fritters with the Junkanoo dipping sauce. Have you ever had seafood so fresh you can almost taste the ocean in every bite? Well, look no further as all seafood prepared is locally caught only minutes away from Paradise Island.
The happy hour drink prices will have you dancing to the music or maybe you just want to catch up on football, baseball or basketball. You won’t miss a point as all can be viewed at the bar from one of the many televisions hovering above.

As an outdoor bar, you have free range to explore and walk along the yacht decks and take in the splendour of the massive boats as well as an amazing view of the Paradise Island Bridge. If you’re lucky, you will also see a breathtaking sunset as night falls over the water in the distance behind the island. The reds and oranges of the sinking sun over the water is a must-see photo op and a memory made as you enjoy a meal on one of the many stone nooks on the outside of the bar. A special treat is observing fishing and entertainment vessels returning to the dock near the bridge. A true sight to behold for boat enthusiasts or water babies alike.

The Green Parrot Harbour Front is everything you expect from an island bar and more. So, if you feel a need to get away from it all and want a more nuanced experience to let your hair down and go somewhere chill and relaxing, feel free to stop in for a visit. The more than friendly staff will be happy to serve you. Because nothing says vacation like a cold drink, hot conch fritters (with the Junkanoo dipping sauce….I can’t stress this enough, thank me later) and the ocean breeze on your face. That’s what’s called an island welcome.

So, Welcome!