In January of 2017, I posted a bucket list  of places around The Bahamas I was determined to visit that year, I’m happy to report to you that I didn’t even get close to visiting all the places on that list. In fact, Santanna's was the fourth out of ten places I made it to and it’s 2018, how’s your year been going?

Fun and jokes aside, on a recent trip to Exuma, I decided to get out of George Town, the island’s main town, and a town that is special to me because it’s where my mother has roots. I took the opportunity to plan my stops and Santanna's was one of them. It was a drive, a very peaceful one but a drive nevertheless; at the end of our drive we arrived at Santanna's and I immediately got excited screaming, “I reach!!” just as a Bahamian would exclaim.

Santanna's Grill Pitt, with its colorful architecture, is located in William’s Town, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It’s known for its great food, pepper sauce and more importantly, its large pieces of caramelized onions that garnish its signature dishes. It’s truly magical. But nothing compares to the fact that, next door to Santanna's is Mom’s Bakery, owned and operated by the owner of Santanna's mother!!

The discovery of Mom’s Bakery really put me at a crossroad in my life because I’m on the keto diet where I can’t get carbs or starches and during my trip to Exuma, I had the hardest time finding food that was suitable to eat. I’m normally very disciplined but I allowed my nose to lead me straight to the starch, purchasing two loaves of bread for my parents and a decadent marble cake for myself which I scarfed down without anyone noticing. I decided I’ll get back on track when I was back home in New Providence. Admittedly I’ve since had two slices of Mom’s bread.

It was worth the trip, calories and all and if you’re in Exuma – make sure Santanna's and Mom’s Bakery are on the top of your list, you won’t regret it!