How Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling Governed In Style

When the story of The Bahamas is retold, there will be aspects of our Bahamian culture that just can’t be missed. Foreverknown as the island nation that evolved through eras of ‘discovery,’ piracy, colonization and 325 years of British rule, these islands birthed an independent Bahamas on July 10, 1973. As history would have it, with rule came great responsibility as the men of the era took on the reins to lead while the women continued to be the lifeblood of our communities. As our nation grew, so did representation of female leadership as the women of the country made their presence felt.

Enters Dame Marguerite Pindling, 1973. Originally most well known to the Bahamian people as the wife of the country’s first Prime Minister The Honourable Lynden Oscar Pindling, the LongBay Cays, South Andros beauty gracefully climbed the corporate ladder. From supportive wife andally, Dame Marguerite was known to be the most enthusiastic campaigner for her husband’s Kemps Bay, Andros constituency marking the beginning of herimprint on Bahamian history. Today we remember H.E. Dame Marguerite as so much more: a leader, lover of country, community activist but most importantly, a Lady of Elegance.

Lady of Elegance

Before she became the second female Governor General, the country had no choice but to take notice when she walked in to a room. She made each moment another reason to be remembered - style. Each look was different: most commonly, her dress of choice,  gloves tocomplement , shoes that dazzled, a hat for balance and a smile to weave it all together. Regal...almost royal; a clear indicator to anyone in the room that she could take your breath away but knows how to get down to business. 

Whether our Lady of Elegance was seen with dignitaries, queens, charities or schools, her kindness and grace were  consistent. 

lady of Elegance

Her essence alone makes her one of the closest things to Bahamian Royalty. As the chosen governing arm of Her Majesty the Queen, H.E. Dame Marguerite Pindlingserved as Governor General of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas from  July 8 , 2014 to June 28, 2019, leaving a legacy of perseverance and an undeniable elegance to aspire to.

lady of Elegance

Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for your love of country. Thank you for your poise. 

Signed Bahamian Women Everywhere.