New Year, New You, Same Bahamas

Bahamas Bucket List 2017

It’s 2017 and you’re still pinning pictures of The Bahamas wishing you were bathing in the golden sun while sipping on Bahama Mama’s. So why not make your dream vacation a reality, finally and cross a destination of your bucket list?

From perfectly clear blue waters to deep-sea fishing, when we tell you there’s something in The Bahamas for everyone, we are not kidding. The best part is that The Bahamas has its own Bucket List. There are so many islands to choose from and so much to do that you’ll never be able to cross everything off your Bahamas Bucket List in one visit. You’ll have to come back, and trust me, you will always want to. There’s no better time to start crossing things off than in 2017. Residents and visitors alike can find pleasure in all that The Islands of The Bahamas have to offer and our bucket list will help you make all your visits unforgettable.

Santana’s Grill Pit – William’s Town, Exuma

Experience 1

Exuma is the place where traffic seems to slow down and time never really matters. When you’re on vacation that’s the perfect mindset to have. Santana’s is located right on the beach with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean (P.S. Exuma has some of the best beaches in the world) and as you will find out when you visit Santana’s, Johnny Depp and the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean ate there tons of time during the filming of the movie.

Visit the Swimming Pigs – Big Major’s Cay, Exuma

Experience 2

No Bahamas Bucket List is complete without the most famous pigs in the world. If anything you’re not living until you have a selfie with the pigs. Popular lore has it that some sailors first brought the pigs to the uninhabited island to stash their food, but never made it back. But no worries, the pigs are loving life on their very own private island. But they will gladly accept your food offerings and company. Be sure to take your Go Pro for unforgettable Instagram shots.

Sip Sip – Harbour Island aka Briliand

Experience 3

Town and Country Magazine has described Harbour Island as the Nantucket of The Bahamas. Sip Sip is no different, named after two favorite pastimes of Bahamians: drinking and gossiping. This is Briland’s most popular beach side eatery and depending on what day it is; you may run into your favorite celebrity. Don’t forget to try the lobster quesadilla, Sip Sip’s most popular dish.

The Garden of the Groves – Freeport, Grand Bahama

Experience 4

If you’re a nature buff then this is right up your alley.  Even if you’re not so into nature but love your quiet time, then this will still interest you. The Garden of the Groves is said to be Grand Bahama’s premier nature experience and it allows you to explore zigzagging trails through lush flora, flowing waterfalls and sparkling fountains. Just when you thought The Bahamas was just sun, sand and sea – they surprise you.

Inagua Land and Sea Park – Great Inagua Island

Experience 5

This park covers 45 percent of Great Inagua and it is the site of world’s largest breeding colony of West Indian Flamingoes as well as many other birds. You’re in for a real treat when more than 80,000 flamingos paint the sky pink when they take flight. They’re the stars amongst over 140 other species of native and migratory birds.
Fun Fact: Matthew Town is the only inhabited settlement on Inagua and salt mining has been the pillar of the community for generations.

Shebo Conch Stand – West End, Grand Bahama

Experience 6

The locals say if you’ve never tried pickled conch from Shebo then you haven’t lived. Yes, it sounds a little extreme, but Bahamians take their conch very seriously. Personally, if you’ve never had conch then you should try it in every way possible before you leave The Bahamas and the people in West End sure know how to put a spin on conch in the best way. If you ignore everything else, try the pickled conch.

Underwater Plane Wreck – Rokers Point Settlement, Exuma

Experience 7

Located a half mile off of Staniel Cay, this is one of the most accessible undersea wrecks in the world. When you dive in imagine that you are taking flight in about six feet of water where the plane wreck sits. Swim close and you may be lucky enough to see a nurse shark under its wings.

Dolphin Home – Bimini

Experience 8

This house was built by local artist, Ashley Saunders and is better known as Poetry in Stone. Inside and outside are covered in an assortment of composed of colorful tiles, shells, bottles and many other objects. Materials on the house come from all walks of life and they offer historical walking tours on property.

Healing Hole – Bimini

Experience 9

If you’re up for an adventure that is only accessible by boat then this is for you. The Healing Hole is said to provide calming Zen-like experiences to anyone who bathes in its fresh water sulfur spring pool. Hidden in the mangroves in Bimini, seeking to find the Healing Hole is a sure way to get personal with its remote landscape and have some “me time.”

Pirate Steps – Nassau

experience 10

These steps located on the property of Clifton Heritage Park can be visited during low and high tide, but be careful to wear the proper footing. If you’re looking at the steps inwardly, it is believed that you can see the shape of Africa.  Rumor has it that these steps are the steps taken by slaves into slavery. If you make it to the beginning of the steps, you’re likely to see a shoreline, which is said to have connected the steps to other plantations in this part of New Providence.