Recycling Made Easy with the Exuma Flip Flop Project

There's a saying that goes, “Recycling turns things into other things. Which is like magic.” In the case of twelve-year-old Naima Nixon, this is completely true.

Naima is the creator of Exuma Flip Flop, a recycling project designed to salvage flip flops that were left on the beach. Most children would have been inspired to design a project of this magnitude as a school activity, but for Naima this wasn't the case. An eighth-grade student of St. Andrew's Anglican School in Exuma, she recalled the first time she began brainstorming about what could be done with all the flip flops that were lying on the beach.

flip flops

"It started when I used to roam the beach with my mother and I would see sandals on the beach, so then I thought to myself, how can I recycle them? One day, I took a pair home and I sanded it, put the base coat on it, then I painted a picture. It came out nice so I then decided to go back and make more," Naima said.

After the creation of her masterpieces, she spoke with the owners of Sandpiper Arts & Crafts, in George Town, Exuma, who agreed to sell the flip flops as art and encouraged her to make more.

The images depicted on the flip flops are images from the Exumas, where she lives, and the rest of The Bahamas. Naima said the reactions have been great.

flip flop art

"I've gotten a lot of good vibes from it and people seem to like it. I wanted to make something that people weren't making and I also wanted to inspire people to recycle and to make anything out of it," she said