Single Awareness Day. Enjoy The Bahamas Alone

Yesterday, we celebrated all the lovers with our Five Romantic Places to Celebrate your love story but today we're celebrating singles.

We know how difficult it is to go through a day and everywhere you turn it's a reminder of singlehood which isn't necessarily a bad thing but a constant reminder can make you feel some kind of way. It's because of this we created a list of activities for singles to partake in while visiting our beautiful country.

1. Bites of Nassau Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour - What better way to experience the best Nassau has to offer than doing it by foot? The best part is even if you're travelling alone, you won't be alone. You'll be joined by visitors from all walks of life, sampling, experiencing and appreciating it all.

2. Subs Adventure - Stuart’s Cove - One of the best things you can do when you're visiting The Bahamas is plunging yourself in our beautiful translucent waters. Whether you're going for a swim, or just splashing around, it’s a great time. But this time we're challenging you to do something a little different. Dare to be a SUB aquanaut for a few hours, swim around a coral reef while enjoying the company of a few friendly fish.

sub snorkeling

3. Ardastra Gardens - Who knew that among the best beaches in the Caribbean that you would also be able to enjoy a boutique zoo set among more than four acres of lush gardens? It is also home to the world-famous marching flamingos with whom you can get up close and personal with much like our world-famous swimming pigs. If flamingos are your thing and you're in love with The Bahamas, Baha Mar is looking for a Chief Flamingo Officer. If flamingos aren't your thing and we completely understand if this is the case, the mini zoo is home to more than 200 mammals, birds and reptiles.


4. Cigar Rolling Lesson – Graycliff : If you're a cigar aficionado, then you'll love this lesson. Graycliff is an award-winning cigar boutique with 16 master rollers, each an expert in rolling cigars. You literally are in the best country about to learn the art of rolling a cigar from the best. It really gets no better than that. With this lesson, you'll learn how to sort, roll, clean and store a cigar. Who needs love when you have The Bahamas?

5. Sip n Paint: Imagine a class led by a knowledgeable instructor that includes wine and pizza? If you were sold wine then you'll enjoy this class. If you're like me, the wine will help you paint better. If you're better than me and can draw and paint, show off your skills, kick back and relax. You'll arrive solo but you will leave with new friends!

6. Island Escapes - Swimming Pigs: Of course, no visit to The Bahamas is complete without spending some time with the most famous animals of the region. Escape Nassau for a few hours, play with the iguanas, swim with the sharks and hang with the pigs. With all the love from our animals, you'll be surrounded by so much love, it'll feel like Valentine's all over again but this time you're in love with The Bahamas.

swimming pig

7. Bahamas Jet Boat: Maybe touring Nassau by foot isn't your cup of tea and you'd like to explore it a different way. Bahamas Jet Boat provides the option to enjoy a scenic yet high-speed water ride around the island. If that doesn't sound amazing, I don't know what will