Working for The Islands Of The Bahamas, it should come as no surprise that we have our own bucket list for our 16 major islands. Today, we're focusing on Abaco. Stay tuned to our various social media throughout the summer as we attempt to document every adventure listed!

1. Visit Hole in the Wall Lighthouse - Abaco is known for the iconic candy-striped Elbow Cay Lighthouse and why shouldn't it be? But the Hole in the Wall Lighthouse is the first lighthouse built in the Abacos and unlike the Elbow Cay Lighthouse, it's operated automatically. But the most exciting part is the journey there; don't say we didn't warn you.
2. Enjoy Fried Cheesecake at the Abaco Beach Resort - This is a thing in Abaco; your visit isn't complete without sampling the fried cheesecake.
3. Snorkel with the Turtles or Feed Them at Coco Bay in Green Turtle Cay: Everyone is familiar with the Swimming Pigs at Big Major’s Cay in the Exumas, but did you know Abaco is known for its hundreds of turtles? Turtles are to Abaco what Pineapples are to Eleuthera, it just works! In Little Harbour, there are so many turtles swimming, you have to be careful that your boat doesn't hit them on the way in.

4. Explore the Sand Bars at Tilloo Bank: Rent a boat if you know what you're doing or get someone to captain one for you. Whatever you decide, find your way to Tilloo Bank which is south of Hope Town and enjoy the extensive sand bar which extends off the southern end of Tilloo.
5. Try the Flavored Ice at Thirsty Cuda on Tahiti Beach in Hope Town: There's something in the waters at Tahiti Beach, other than the usual suspects. Tahiti Beach is home to a floating bar and restaurant called Thirsty Cuda. Their opening time varies, be sure to check their Facebook page before you head out.

Tahiti Beach
6. Inhale the History on Man-O-War Cay: This cay is virtually untouched by rampant modern development as the citizens work hard to maintain their cay as it was in past eras. You absolutely cannot leave the Abacos without visiting Albury's Sail Shop. Not only will you witness the making of most of the boats that you see around Abaco but you will learn the history of the "ditty bags" that have gone on to be world famous.
7. Party with the Locals at the Cheeseburger Party on Fiddle Cay - If you're ever in the Abacos the last week of June or the first week of July, plan to party with the locals and visitors from all over the world at the Cheeseburger Party on Fiddle Cay, which is north of Green Turtle Cay. The best party of the summer is also a charity event, as the money raised goes to the Amy Roberts Primary School, the Volunteer Fire Department, and the Historical Foundation, all of which are located right on Green Turtle Cay.