Off-season is temporary, it comes and goes faster than the blink of the eye so if you want to make the most out of your vacation in The Bahamas, you need an action plan.

If you’ve already scratched these off your to-do list, here are 10 more ways to get the most out of your vacation in The Bahamas.  Let’s go!




  • Relax in the Mangroves – If you’ve ever visited Bimini, you’ve heard of the Healing Hole. It’s that body of fresh water which is accessible by boat only. It’s referred to as the healing hole because of the healing properties.
  • Tour North Bimini Every island in The Bahamas has a story filled with so much history and Bimini is no different. The walking tour of North Bimini includes the surrounding area of Alice Town including the Bimini Museum, Craft Centre, War Memorial and Heroes Park and it ends at Dolphin House which was created and built by Ashley Saunders who coincidentally runs the tours.
  • Hike through South Bimini: They say a trek on the Bimini Nature Trail is all the feels, the one-mile trail is situated on South Bimini and begins and ends at the Bimini Sands Resort. The trail itself is lined with hardwood trees with a lot of interesting stops on the way including a pirate well exhibit. If you love birding, this is also a great tour for you.
  • Learn about Dolphin House: Dolphin house is a year-round activity and it’s the brainchild of local historian Ashley Saunders who decided one day to swim in the wild and when he dived in, he was surrounded by and in awe of the creatures. This interaction led to him building, by hand, a house that pays homage to the dolphins and uses materials that are washed up on Bimini. It’s worth a visit.
  • Discover the Bimini Nature Tour: Described as the most diverse of all Bimini Tours, imagine sipping the waters of what locals call a long-lost fountain, or learning about plants that can heal any ailment you can possibly think about or even peeking through a large window sitting on top of a cliff overlooking the blue sea? Well, this tour lets you discover every nook and cranny of Bimini.



  • Swim with the Turtles: Been on the Abacos during the slow season? It feels as even the turtles have gone away for the slow season-which makes this adventure super. Pack a cooler of beers, take the kids and boat to Cocobay in Green Turtle Cay and bait the turtles to come around. It seems easy, but it requires lots of patience, lots of good bait and great company.
  • Dive Blue Holes:  Some blue holes in The Bahamas require you take a dive instructor while some are inland, which simply means they don’t suck in as ocean blue holes do. Which means they’re easier to swim in as no current exists. To dive in ocean blue holes, a courageous spirit and a will for adventure. Abaco is home to a few blue holes which are normally located on the shorelines or inland in the middle of Abaco’s pine forests. They’re a delight to discover but always be careful.
  • Learn about the boat building history: Man-O-War Cay is the boat capital of The Bahamas. It’s also a very small settlement with only a few hundred of people living on the cay with many of them being descendants of early Loyalist settlers. Billie Bo and his nephew Joe Albury began a boat building business there and they build handcrafted boats. Stop by and purchase unique handcrafted boats and dinghies created from Abaco hardwoods.
  • Tour the Wild Horse Preserve: The preserve covers 4,000 acres of the best pine forest in the Abacos and was originally used as a preserve for the Spanish Colonial Wild Horses of Abaco. DNA analyses proved that the wild horses were strains of the Spanish Colonial wild horses brought over from Columbus’ time. Visiting this environment is rare and it’s by guided tour only. Pines in this forest are over 100 years old and there’s a nursery area for wild plants used for bush medicine. Guided tours are available year-round with reservations and the best times are from October to June.
  • Explore Hole in The Wall Lighthouse: Abaco is known for the Elbow Cay Lighthouse but there’s another lighthouse in Southern Abaco that requires a love for adventure and hiking shoes. You can dare to go alone or contact the Bahamas National Trust for a lift. It’s a drive and a hike and it’s an experience for the adventurous traveler.  

Remember off-season is temporary and it comes quickly and leaves even quicker. To ensure you at least experience The Bahamas at least once during off-season, check out our deals page which is frequently updated.