The Bahamas Ministry Of Tourism and Aviation is proud to introduce our Bahamas Boating Ambassador program, launched by The Islands of The Bahamas Boating Department which was established to ensure that local Bahamas Boating information and support is closer to Boating in the US communities. A selected group of seasoned private Boaters with extensive experience of Boating around The Bahama Islands. Each of our Bahamas Boating Ambassadors has a unique Bahamian story to tell, whether its Cruising The Islands Of The Bahamas, or their passion for The Bahamas crystal blue waters. Many of our Bahamas Boating Ambassadors have been Cruising The Bahamas for decades, others for years, but they all have conservation, an appreciation for our Bahamian Boating Product, and a commitment to the Marina community in common. Our Bahamas Boating Ambassador are pioneers, explorers, ocean enthusiast and conservationists, trained in the procedures to guide new and seasoned boaters, further they have all agreed to share their knowledge of The Islands of The Bahamas - especially the ease of cruising across the Gulf Stream to safely cruise the Bahamas and experience, discover, while protecting the ocean.