The Bahamas Dolphin Experience

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The Bahamas offers two totally different and world-unique experiences for dolphins:
• Wild spotted dolphin encounters
• Training open-water scuba-diving encounters

Open ocean, wild spotted dolphin swims and snorkeling, where you can swim with dozens of dolphins. Off Bimini, West End, Grand Bahama, or at several other locations in The Islands Of The Bahamas, Bahamas Diving Association operators offer wild dolphin encounters, giving divers and non-divers a chance to swim with and interact with these amazing animals. Nowhere else in the world can you find more opportunities to swim with these beautiful marine mammals.

In addition to these areas, wild dolphin encounters take place regularly in a number of other locations throughout The Bahamas. Blackbeard's Cruises has been successful in putting snorkelers with dolphins in the waters around Orange Cay. Small Hope Bay Lodge has been meeting dolphins in the clear, freshwater river that splits Andros Island in two, in addition to open water encounters. Your chances of a dolphin encounter are also good with any of The Abacos dive operators. For example, Brendal’s Dive Center offers wild dolphin dives as a regular specialty trip.

A different kind of dolphin encounter takes place at Lucaya on Grand Bahama, where The Dolphin Experience hosts four programs, including an open water dolphin dive in conjunction with UNEXSO. The uncertainty of a wild encounter is eliminated here, as divers, snorkelers, and even waders are introduced to dolphins in controlled circumstances. Sixteen Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins are involved in the program, eight of them born under human care in Sanctuary Bay at Grand Bahama. On UNEXSO's Dolphin Dive, two of the dolphins join a maximum of ten scuba divers for an open ocean release. This unique experience provides every diver with a series of one-on-one encounters as the dolphins circulate among them. The Dolphin Close Encounter is a chance for anyone, even non-swimmers, to interact with dolphins while sitting on a partially submerged platform. The Dolphin Swim gives six snorkelers the opportunity to swim with dolphins in the protected waters of Sanctuary Bay. The fourth program, which has a minimum age requirement of 16 and is limited to four participants, is an all-day, in-depth Dolphin Assistant Trainer Course that provides a fun and educational introduction to dolphins and their care. The UNEXSO Dolphin Dive and all three Dolphin Experience programs are by reservation only and they are extremely popular, so book your space well in advance.

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