Alternative Text Bahamas Gaming Forum 2013: Fostering Growth, Transparency and Social Responsibility

Date: Beginning October 28, 2013

Location: Atlantis Casino Hotel, The Bahamas

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The gaming sector has experienced significant growth in recent years, in part driven through the adoption of new technologies and expansion into emerging markets. This growth has brought greater regulatory attention to the sector – already one of the most highly regulated in the world – and led to the introduction of new guidelines on minimising the risk of potentially detrimental effects associated with the industry.

Complying with the multiple and overlapping regulatory requirements represents a serious challenge, and vital task, for casino managers and employees alike. Casinos which fail to meet the various local and international obligations run the risk of suffering fines, reputational damage and, in the most severe cases, loss of their gaming license. Operating in a responsible and transparent manner, on the other hand, provides firms with a highly-prized valued competitive edge in an increasingly saturated market.

This course provides partcipants with highly practical guidance on meeting such challenges. It offers industry representatives detailed advice on diverse areas including: identifying and tackling money laundering and terrorist financing activities, preparing for regulatory and financial audits, and promoting responsible gaming. Dealing effectively with these issues will be key to ensuring high standards of corporate responsibility throughout the sector and, in turn, to enabling the industry's sustained growth over the longer-term.

For more information on the programme, or to register to attend, please contact our Secretariat today on +44 0203 174 0358 or by sending an e-mail to