The Bahamas Is Ready to Welcome Birders of All Ages!

Social distancing comes naturally to The Bahamas with 16 main islands, thousands of beaches, vast tracts of land and over 30 National Parks, where more than 300 native and migratory bird species can be seen.

The Bahamas is one of the best places in the region to spot birds in action – especially in the national parks. Some species, such as the Bahamas Oriole and Inagua Woodstar can be found only on one or two islands, others on different combinations of islands, there can be no better reason for island hopping exploration.

Find some of the birding maps and guides here, plus a brochure introduction to the broader range of eco-tours available in the islands. Also see useful links to the on-island guiding services and a listing of the UKs birding tour operators.

With nature in the spotlight now more than ever, we invite you to visit our virtual booth to learn how to make the most of a birding trip to The Bahamas, meet the team at Bahamas National Trust who work tirelessly to protect our precious natural resources, and discover how much The Islands Of The Bahamas have to offer.

Remember too that The Bahamas’ year-long great weather, coupled with its stunning, unspoiled beaches and unparalleled beauty provide the perfect backdrop for your birding memories.

bird image

bird image


Birding Maps

Here are some great birding maps for you. Click these links to view and download PDF versions of birding maps for these islands: ANDROS BIRDING and INAGUA BIRDING. We also have a great video for you to watch. Click here to view.



Sat 22nd August learn more about the birding and ecotourism possibilities in The Islands Of The Bahamas by joining our lecture hosted on the Virtual Birdfair website in collaboration with The Bahamas National Trust. The lecture goes live this Saturday here.




Helpful Links

  • The National Geographic Bahamas Geo-tourism was formed through a partnership among the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, National Geographic, It provides an interactive map of geo-touristic sites and offers comprehensive information on natural, cultural and historic attractions for various destinations. click here to visit the website
  • The Bahamas at the Virtual Birdfair press release, click here to view press release.
  • The National Audubon Society - a great resources of information on Birding in The Islands Of The Bahamas, click the links below to view them: Birding and Ecotourism in The Bahamas Birding Supporting Communities and Foster Conservation and Suggested Itinerary
  • The Bahamas National Trust - A non-profit organisation that manages the thirty-two national parks around The Islands Of The Bahamas, their mission is to conserve and protect the natural resources of The Bahamas, through stewardship and education for present and future generations. For more information on the birds of The Bahamas visit The Bahamas National Trust's site 
  • Article on new Bird Guides on Long Island & San Salvador, click here 
  • Diving The Islands Of The Bahamas, view brochure
  • Eco Tourism in The Islands Of The Bahamas, view brohure
  • The Caribbean Birding Trail (CBT) -  a project of the non-profit organization, Birds Caribbean. It was developed to connect people to the extraordinary places, diverse cultures, and people of each island. For maps and further birding information visit their website
  • COVID-19 Update-  For up to date information about travelling to The Bahamas please click here.

Tour Operators

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MotMot Travel offers tailor-made and small group holidays to the Caribbean islands and surrounding Latin American countries that we know best and are passionate about.

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