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Guest Blogger

Nikia Wells is a local travel writer and food enthusiast who also enjoys sharing her passion for seeing the world, trying new + exciting foods, and learning about new cultures on the blog PinkSands242. In addition to being an adventurous eater, who loves experiencing the world one bite at a time, Nikia has a passion for solo travel and demystifying this travel sector. 

If you are looking for a taste of Bahamian cuisine, Nikia recommends sitting down for a plate of fresh tropical conch salad, a bowl of creamy conch chowder, a slice of warm, johnny cake, and an ice-cold gully wash. A Bahamian meal also wouldn't be complete without a plate of fluffy guava duff topped with buttery guava rum sauce. And, the best part.....after this meal, you won't have any choice but to sit back, and relax.