Whenever my friends are preparing to visit me they always ask for the local treatment. In other words, they want to travel, party and experience like a Bahamian. They’re searching for the true island life experience and will settle for nothing less. If you’re looking to live like a local then the events hosted monthly by Bristol Wines & Spirits are just what you’re looking for.

I had the pleasure of attending An Evening with Pekka Pellinen, which was a social mixer at 1er Cru with the master mixologist for Finlandia Vodka, Pekka.  Unsure of what to expect as I am not the biggest Vodka lover, I took my friend and prepared for a night of flavorful and interesting tastes.

When we arrived at 1er Cru, there was a bar with live demonstrations, a food station to perfectly pair with the alcohol we were about to consume and a sitting area for people to socialize.

While deciding which station to visit first, out of the corner of my eye I saw popcorn, which automatically meant I went to the bar to see what was popping. When I got there, I saw Pekka cracking eggs, adding vodka into shakers, squeezing limes and doing what looked like simply magic. When he was done, he added popcorn to the top of the drinks and served to guests.

Although I saw a raw egg physically poured into my drink, I dared to try it. My friend wasn’t as daring and opted to try a Bonfire with grapefruit vodka instead.   As the night progressed, Pekka created other masterpieces and put on an amazing show using butane lighters and upside Finlandia Vodka. I was like a kid in a candy store.

Bahamas Blog Pekka Pellinen

Bahamas Blog Pekka Pellinen

My favourite of the night, however, was the Helsinki Mule which is a variation on the original Moscow Mule. Using lime vodka and ginger ale instead of ginger beer they created a lighter but crisp version, perfect for those of us that like to think alcohol is part of our diet.

It was a great night enjoyed by many and if this is what Bristol’s events are like, you will definitely find an event that suits you.