The Bahamas Looks Different from Way Up Here

Sometimes you have to let go and fly! Or at least that’s what they say to convince you to take more risks.

I prefer to let go and walk, knowing I’ll get there more quickly and safely. I'm the exact opposite of an adrenaline junkie. I don't enjoy my heart racing as I’m already very nervous, and I can only imagine what adrenaline will do to my skin. The Horror!

All that said, I’m determined to see Nassau in every way, utilising different modes of transport, because what’s living in paradise if I don’t get out and enjoy it?

Simply existing isn't enough.

That’s why the Ride N Fly Tour offered by BowCar Rentals seemed like the perfect fit—until reality hit me and I realized that flying just wasn’t my thing. Good thing I explore with friends. I recommitted to enjoying the tour and cheering for the daredevils.

The tour itself lasts approximately 4 hours and takes you on a historical ride through Downtown Nassau, Gregory Arch, Government House, Graycliff, St. Francis Cathedral, the Greek Orthodox Church, Fort Charlotte, Arawak Cay, and Cable Beach.

Because we were locals, our tour guide, Karah, quizzed us on our knowledge as she drove us to the sites and filled in the blanks where some of us *cough* had obviously missed Social Studies.

When you’re on tour in The Bahamas, one of the key places to stop and explore is Fort Charlotte. In proper Bahamian fashion, we got out at Fort Charlotte and gazed over at the beautiful sea just behind Arawak Cay, all the while wishing we could jump in. That is my kind of view: feet on the ground, 360 degrees of beauty. Before we left, we stopped in the gift shop that I hadn't known existed to check out some Bahamian t'ings.

The tour continued to Goodman’s Bay where we would then Jetpack (or they would, and I would be the photographer).

Jetpack is different.

The science people thought it would be a great idea to give humans the power of hydro propulsion, so you can propel yourself underwater, and shoot yourself 30 feet into the air—a human rocket. Lincoln Bain and his team were very knowledgeable, friendly, and encouraging, and they will certainly train you before letting you wildly rocket around in the water.

I must admit I was a bit green after realizing that this was something I actually could do. Although, I was sure that when my nerves inevitably got the better of me, I would have forgetten how to control the jetpack, and embarrass myself quite thoroughly. But I could have done it, I'm sure.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching my friends thrash around and eventually get the hang of effortlessly flying over the crystal blue waters.

The Ride N’ Fly Tour offers a bit of everything and the flying is the perfect way to cool down on an island day. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll join you!