One Saturday afternoon as I was stuck in traffic on Shirley Street I looked out my window and gazed at Christ Church Cathedral on George Street. Something about the church struck me. I drove onto Bay Street and then George and parked opposite the church.

Its tower shoots up towards the heavens and I wondered how could I not have noticed it before. After all, it is the mother of all Anglican churches in the country. Its organs, German made, and gothic design are striking and stunning. Over the course of a few years I had the opportunity to worship at the church and attend two funeral services.

Gothic by Design

The church, located in the city of Nassau, is a stone’s throw from the cruise port and open to all. Dating back to 1670 when the first parish for the church was built, Christ Church has a rich history in The Bahamas. It is made of locally quarried cut limestone blocks, which are held together primarily - though not entirely - by their size and the weight of gravity rather than by cement.

One does not have to be Anglican, or religious, to appreciate its architecture and history. It simply requires an open mind and love of history.

The next time you visit Nassau, be sure to pass by Christ Church Cathedral.