Let's face it, if you're reading this, the thought of having a destination wedding has definitely crossed your mind. We don't blame you. It's an exciting adventure and there is no better time for couples to travel than during their engagement and for their wedding. It also makes planning a wedding even more exciting when you have a unique vacation to look forward to. 

According to a study analysis done by Brides, on average, 91 guests attend destination weddings and just 17% of couples host a destination wedding. 

Here are five reasons why you and your partner should consider a destination wedding. 

1. Ease of Planning: If you and your partner aren't the planning type, then a destination wedding should be number one on your list. Many resorts offer pre-designed wedding packages, offering couples the option to customize the package. If a resort wedding isn't what you have in mind, wedding planners will still be an option for you as they can assist in recommending unique wedding venues.

2. Cost Effective: Flying has never been easier, and most countries offer direct flights to destinations like The Bahamas. There’s an option to pair that with an all-inclusive resort and a wedding package. If you’re considering staying for your honeymoon as well, add in honeymoon options and it is considerably cheaper than what you would pay for a wedding in your hometown. Also, many hotels provide preferential accommodations for the bride and groom.

3. Experience, Experience, Experience: Life is all about experiences, the ones you crave and the ones that take you away from your regular life, giving you memories that last a lifetime. In The Bahamas, we have 16 major islands to choose from when hosting your wedding and each island has its own personality. There's so much to do, but of course, we can only tell you about it - take the plunge in The Bahamas. Also, when planning a destination wedding, keep in mind you are asking a lot of your guests to travel to attend your wedding, so whatever you decide, make sure it's epic.

4. Smaller Wedding: This is a new wedding trend, as statistics show that 43% of couples opt for a destination wedding to keep their wedding small. A smaller, more intimate wedding can mean that instead of spending money on extra people, you instead get to splurge on things that matter to you, such as venue, food, décor, etc. For couples that aren't picky about any of these things, a smaller wedding can mean that you and your partner are able to focus on the multi-day celebrations with your guests, making the decision to spend your wedding day with you one they won't regret.

5. Wedding and Honeymoon in One: Unless you can afford it, separating your honeymoon and wedding can be costly, and you may be traveling more times than you're spending quality time with your new spouse. If you're family oriented, choosing to stay at the same hotel after your wedding ultimately gives you more time to spend with family and friends. If you love your family but it's time to enjoy your partner, we understand. But most hotels offer automatic upgrades for couples on their wedding night and you would be in a better position to negotiate a better rate once your guests are gone.

With that being said, if you're considering a destination wedding keep The Islands of The Bahamas in mind. We have endless options for you and your partner to customize the wedding to fit your personal styles and we have endless activities for you to enjoy. Whatever you're looking for, your search starts and ends in The Bahamas.