Atop a hill on the island of Cat Island lies a medieval monastery built by a Catholic priest with panoramic views of the entire island. During a pilgrimage to The Bahamas in 1939, Monsignor John Cyril Hawes designed and built the Hermitage on Mount Alvernia, where the islands of The Bahamas kiss the sky. Monsignor Hawes, known to Cat Islanders as Father Jerome, was a skilled architect and sculptor.

Just a few short years prior he had built a church on Long Island. At this height it is hard not to marvel at the view.

Sitting 206 feet above sea level you feel almost breathless by the ocean views.

Monsignor Hawes built the monastery so he could get away from the world. Designed with skill, its intricate architecture and detailed hand carved stone reliefs of the Stations of the Cross attract thousands of visitors. Beneath these hallowed halls, Monsignor Hawes sleeps eternal, buried in a cave when he passed away in 1956.