It's National Bittersweet Chocolate Day and doctors say a bar of chocolate a day keeps the heart disease away. Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you can't indulge for this special day. In fact, vacationing in The Bahamas gives you the perfect opportunity to bite into the rich, savoury bittersweet chocolate that the islands have to offer, guilt-free. 

If you're in Nassau and looking for somewhere to indulge without judgment, stop by Graycliff Chocolatier. Described as a chocoholic's dream, Graycliff offers chocolate making classes, tours of the chocolate factory or if you just want to eat, you can do that too. The tours are suitable for the entire family and not only will you learn about the history of chocolate in The Bahamas but you will also watch cocoa beans transformed into scrumptious sweets and then get a chance to recreate your own.  


One more thing, as you're driving to Graycliff, make sure you take everything in, explore the heritage museum and ask for a tour as you are on the property of Captain John Howard Graysmith, a famous pirate of the Caribbean. The property was originally built in 1740 and became the headquarters of the American Navy when Nassau was captured in 1776. The ownership has switched hands quite a bit, but the rich history still remains and can be seen throughout the property. Go for the chocolates but stay for the history lesson.


Don't be alarmed if you're craving chocolate and in Grand Bahama, we have you covered with delicious Bahamian inspired handmade chocolates by Bootleg. Although the name and taste suggest it's illegal, I can assure you it's 100 per cent Bahamian! Overlooking a canal in Port Lucaya, Bootleg Chocolates is a favourite of visitors from all over the globe. Unlike Graycliff, it doesn't offer classes or tours but the store is actually a factory and cafe and you can watch chocolates being made while you wait. Oh yeah, did we mention the cafe is packed with games? 

Happy National Bittersweet Chocolate Day!