San Salvador’s fascinating underwater topography has led to its renown as a great diving destination. It is one of the top five wall-diving destinations in the region and underwater visibility ranges between 100 and 150 feet. More than 50 sites are located on the island's lee side, reducing the chance of encountering rough seas. Most of the dive sites are walls, some named for island locales such as Cockburn Town Wall and Riding Rock Wall. Reefs and wrecks also provide rewarding diving. Some of the unusual ones include Devil's Claw and Vicky's Reef, home to stingrays and sharks; and French Bay, known for its elkhorn and staghorn coral. High Cay, Low Cay and Middle Cay are popular spots for both reef and wreck diving. You will find it quite an adventure diving in crevasses, caves and along a wall with black coral trees and sponges. Equipment, specialty dive courses and certification courses are available upon request.