The Abacos are one of four areas in The Bahamas where forests of Caribbean Pine Trees can be found. The trees were once logged for pulpwood and are now being researched for more sustainable logging. Other habitats found on the islands include coppice, marine and inland blue holes, mangrove wetlands, rocky shore, sandy beaches, and coral reefs. Six National Parks and two Bahamas Marine Reserves were established to protect those habitats — most recently the Blue Holes National Park, which protects four of Abaco’s inland blue holes and 13 oceanic blue holes. Varied habitats make The Abacos a birdwatcher’s paradise and one of the few places in The Bahamas where you can find the endangered Bahama Parrot, mainly in South Abaco. Other birds that nest in the forests include the Bahama Yellowthroat, Red-legged Thrush, Olive-capped Warbler, waterfowl, and birds that winter in the region.