Remote Cat Island has a stunning, relatively untouched environment, perfect for nature enthusiasts. Secluded wetlands, tidal flats, beaches, broadleaf coppice, hardwood and palm trees, provide appealing habitats for numerous migratory and indigenous bird species. Songbirds hide in bushes, small numbers of the endangered West Indian whistling duck live in wetlands, and mangroves around the “Boiling Hole” are home to a variety of other waterfowl. Natural wonders include Orange Creek, which gets its color from a perfect alignment of the sun, wind, and waves; two deep inland blue holes that are home to species of shrimp and fish with no eyes; and nearby Griffin Bat Cave, where you can view numerous bats in their natural environment. Guides can help you discover all of these treasures and take you along nature trails to learn about the plants used for “bush tea,” sap used as chewing gum, and glue used for paper.