Eleuthera is a nature-lover’s paradise, offering many natural adventures and fascinating sites to explore: the one-of-a-kind Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, home to a large variety of native flora and fauna; world-renowned Ocean Hole blue hole, supposedly explored by Jacques Cousteau and rumored to have healing powers; the famous Glass Window Bridge, narrowest point on the island where the Atlantic Ocean separates the calm Exuma Sound by 30 feet; Boiling Hole, Ocean Hole and Queen’s Bath; and interesting caves like Preacher’s Cave, Hatchet Bay Cave and Boiling Hole Cave. You are likely to see a variety of migratory birds throughout the islands: the Kirkland's warbler, white-cheeked pintail, zenaida dove, great lizard cuckoo, Bahama woodstar, La Sagra's flycatcher, Bahama mockingbird, thick-billed vireo, bananaquit, stripe-headed tanager, black-faced grassquit, and the Greater Antillean bullfinch.