San Salvador is a gem for nature seekers, with a habitat that consists mainly of dunes and pristine lakes. Five areas of ecological importance have been designated national parks. The Southern Great Lake National Park, covering most of the island's interior, protects the large mangrove system, home to nesting sea birds and iguanas. Graham’s Harbour Iguana and Seabird National Park was recognized as a Key Biodiversity Area to protect iguanas, healthy reef systems and seagrass beds, and the highest diversity of seabirds in The Bahamas. Pigeon Creek and Snow Bay National Park supports the fisheries stocks. West Coast Marine Park protects the coral wall and large coral reef system. Green’s Bay National Park supports the seagrass beds and endangered iguanas on small offshore cays, like Low Cay, which has been chosen as a site for scientific study of them. You can take a guided nature tour by boat and see giant cactus, palm trees, and mangrove swamps teeming with a variety of wildlife.