Mayaguana offers the ideal getaway for travelers who enjoy staying in a rustic fishing village and being far from the maddening crowd. There are friendly people here to provide amenities and services like great Bahamian food, and you can enjoy a tropical cocktail in a quaint bar as you stroll through the towns. You'll have a lot of alone time here to get to know each other better, because the three towns are so small. One of the unique island-style experiences you can have is lighting a bonfire on any beach, buying some fresh corn straight from the field, and roasting it while you watch the sunset or moonrise. And, the skies are so clear that you’ll have no trouble counting the stars. If you want more company than each other, the locals will be happy to join you. Quiet adventures can be had on picturesque footprint-free beaches, where you can stroll hand in hand, sit down on the sand, relax and cuddle. Unique marine life and indigenous wildlife are waiting to be discovered on a snorkeling or nature tour, but deep-sea or fly fishing can be more stimulating. You might also want to try a boating tour for offshore explorations at outlying cays. Your hotel can assure that you have the best experience.