She was the last of dying breed – a woman in love with spear-fishing.  Her friends were out to snorkel that day but she was itching to fish.

Her inner salt life was “craving the ocean”.

As soon as the anchor was dropped, she dove in with her sling, moving silently towards the reef.  While the group above her were intrigued by the scores of little fish around them, she was looking for bigger game.  Eventually her companions headed back to the boat. She can’t bring herself to leave the water though. She knows, she senses the fish below.

She scouts the reef for a while.

The it happens. She catches sight of the biggest grouper she’s ever seen in person. Right beneath the reef, watching her every move.  She lines up her shot then releases the spear.  It silently penetrates the grouper. Her heart is beating frantically from the excitement.  She picks up the spear and heads to the surface of the ocean.  It happened in almost a flash. Something ripped the grouper from her hands and sped off.  Thought it was over in the blink of an eye, she saw it all as if it happened in slow motion.

A nearly six-foot-long barracuda with razor sharp teeth snatched her prize away.  She was at a crossroads. She could swim after her fish and risk an attack or she could concede defeat.  Seconds later she emerged from the sea onto the boat, her pride and all.  It was a remarkable experience, catching the biggest grouper of her life and losing it to a sneaky barracuda.

What a day.