Junkanoo Summer Festival Opens With Much Fanfare

A kaleidoscope of colours and sound took over Arawak Cay this past Saturday during the official opening of the Ministry of Tourism’s much-anticipated Junkanoo Summer Festival (JSF).

Hundreds of residents and tourists gathered to watch the music competition between A and B Junkanoo Groups, which are all executing the theme “It’s Better In The Bahamas” over the next few weeks.

One after the other, the Junkanoo groups rushed through the large energetic crowd delivering the rhythmic sounds of cowbells, goat skin drums, brass instruments and whistles.

During Saturday’s daytime events at the JSF village, visitors and residents also participated in fun competitions like pineapple, watermelon, and corn eating, crab catching, conch cracking contests.

As the sun began to set, guests enjoyed a well organized opening ceremony that included a performance by the Obeah Man, fire dancers; beller and drummer competitions and an exciting Junkanoo water show with a group using jet skis

Each week the A and B Junkanoo groups will focus on different aspects of the cultural expression. The event runs from noon to midnight.

The remaining weeks’ schedule is as follows:

Week Two (Saturday, July 9th) 

Time-Off: Due To Independance Celebrations.

Week Three – (Saturday, July 16th) 

Choregraphy/Dance Competition

Week Four (Saturday, July 23rd) 

Costume/Overall Performance

Week Five – (Saturday, July 30th) - The Finale Of The Junkanoo Summer Festival. There Will Be An Awards Ceremony For The Five Weeks Of Competition. 

Combo/Award Ceremony/ All Bahamian Concert

The weekly line up for the B groups is as follows:

  • Conquerors for Christ
  • Colours Entertainment
  • Original Congos
  • Fancy Dancers
  • Redland Soldiers
  • Body of Christ

From the A groups, the line up is:

  • Valley Boys
  • One Family
  • Saxon Superstars
  • Roots
  • Genesis
  • Prodigal Sons

Junkanoo Summer Festival is occurring nationwide. For more information on JSF on Grand Bahama and the Family Islands, visit www.bahamas.com/summerfestivals.

Media Contact: Kendea Smith | ksmith@bahamas.com | 242-397-2786