Reef Fishing

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In The Bahamas, reef fishing is known as bottom fishing, primarily because the key to catching reef fish is to drop bait down to the bottom, where you can lure the feeding fish. This form of fishing is far less taxing than deep sea fishing, and is even suitable for a novice skill level.

With our many spectacular reefs—including the third largest barrier reef in the world, you are guaranteed to catch a fish in our waters, with the right spot and a little patience.

The proper equipment is key to a good fishing experience, so be sure to connect with a local fishing guide or dive shop before you head off on a reef fishing adventure to battle the triggers, snappers, yellowfins, grouper and barracuda at the bottom of the sea.

On any island of The Bahamas, any time is prime time to grab a rod, roll up your pants and drop line off a dock or over a reef.