Reef & Wall Diving

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The underwater walls in The Islands of The Bahamas offer breathtaking vistas, populated by colorful marine life. They are a simultaneously special and widespread dive experience. Walls, the most generally dramatic expression of the coral reef, will at times plummet directly into the great trenches thousands of feet deep that line the archipelago. 

Diving The Walls

Walls are found throughout The Bahamas and their profiles range from those that end at sand bottoms 60 to 100 feet deep, to seemingly infinite vertical descents. It is along these escarpments of the deep reef that the majesty of coral spires and the magnificence of sponges is fully realized. Seafans, bryozoans, seawhips and Black Coral mix and mingle with the sponges, creating a garden carpet of life. More color and the addition of motion is provided from solitary and schooling reef fish. Every wall is similar, yet different: profile, shape, size and predominant colors vary from site to site. The following walls are among the most stunning, popular and accessible in The Bahamas:

The Great Lucaya or Grand Bahama Wall
The southern coast of Grand Bahama Island is lined with a continuous fringing reef and drop-off with hundreds of wall sites featuring caves, caverns and swim-throughs. The top of the wall usually begins in about 80 feet of water.

Lyford Cay Wall
Off the northwest coast of New Providence Island (Nassau) is a famed coral cliff beginning in 35 feet of water.

Southwest Wall
Facing the Tongue of the Ocean on the New Providence side is a coral canyon several miles in length. The area adjacent to the popular shark dive site is particularly colorful, with many sponge-decorated pinnacles protruding from the wall.

The Andros Wall
The "greatest of all Bahama walls" is found at Andros, the largest island in the chain. The Andros Wall offers uncountable sites that display mountains and canyons of every shape and size.

The Bimini Wall
From the Biminis southward is a nearly continuous wall facing the Gulf Stream. The North Bimini Wall is just south of the entrance channel to North Bimini and begins in 120 feet of water. This is generally a drift dive for very experienced divers. To the south are numerous walls, such as those at South Cat Cay Wall, Victory Cays Drop-off and Riding Rock Wall—all of these are fish-filled spectacles that begin in 30 to 90 feet.

The Exuma Wall
Directly off Highbourne Cay is a drop-off that faces the Exuma Sound. This is a vertical wall, 75 feet deep.

Chub Cay Wall
A continuous drop-off runs from the southwest tip of Chub Cay to Whale Cay, in The Berry Islands. These sites offer a variety of wall formations.

Riding Rock Wall
Dozens of popular wall sites are located along the western coast to the southern tip of San Salvador Island in the south-central Bahamas.

Conception Island Wall
Here is one of the most dramatic and colorful walls in all of the archipelago. The wall begins in 45 to 60 feet of water, its entire length decorated with spectacular sponge and coral formations.

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