Colour will make or break your wedding, literally. Choosing the right colour sets the mood or theme of your wedding, as each colour has an emotion associated with it. Planning an island wedding in the summertime? It’s time to have some fun with colour!

We spoke to Paulette Davis of Amour Affairs based in Nassau, Bahamas and Brittney Furtado of Inspire Event Rental & Design in Toronto, Canada about the hottest color trends of this summer. Here's what they told us about the most popular colors for Summer ‘17.

Q & A with Paulette

Q: Which colors have been most popular with your brides this year?

A: It’s hard to say. I would say gold has been the accent color. And blush is also popular. So, I have had blush and gold and have another one of those shortly, navy and gold, coral and gold. For my beach weddings the shades of blue seem to be popular. I have had two in the past month where all the girls, of which there were many in each, wore their choice of a shade of blue. Next to our waters, these look great.

Q: I know it’s early but which colors do you predict we will be seeing a lot of in the fall?

A: Khaki or tan is a color that I see with the blush and/or royal blue, but in the fall brides are still drawn to the oranges. I think we will see coral and khaki continue but with magentas and plums.

Q: Which three combinations ideas would you suggest for a late summer wedding?

A: If by late summer you mean, August/September, and we are still talking colors, I would say tan, with the pool or sea foam blue and a blush accent. It brings all the dominant favorites together, short of the accent gold, but in a soft way to counter what is the heat of our summer.

Q: Pantone has listed “greenery” as the color for 2017, if you had to create an arrangement with greenery as an accent piece, what do you think you’d come up with?

A: This is an easy one for 2 reasons, greenery is a staple in most arrangements and in the recent years, large elegant leaves, or greenery have become centerpieces in and of themselves – with no need for flowers. I work with a florist who does an incredible job of using our natural greens, ones he can pick in our bushes to create beautiful arrangements. The palm is one of those that lends itself to a standalone ‘greenery’ arrangement and depth and length and character to others. I like the simple look, the less is more and I would lean towards leafy branches more with the ivy feel with candles. Simple but romantic.

Q. If you were planning a destination wedding here in The Bahamas and your bride requested a color combination of paradise, which colors would you combine and why?

A: I find myself doing more local weddings, but my 14-year business is built on destination weddings. I would of course include the blues. For the past 14 years, the beach has been my place of business. If I had to identify a combination I would go with Navy – the depth of our ocean is reflected in this rich but subtle color. I would accent this with a bright yellow. Together they are stunning and together they remind me of the beauty of our country.

Q&A with Brittney

Q: What colors are most popular with your brides for the summer?

A: This summer we’re seeing two color trends. One would be greenery, LOTS of greenery. Green with wood, white, ivory, even black. We have a lot of designs this season where we’re using the greenery as the accent color and creating interesting arrangements with it. For example, greenery running down a table in a design or creeping up a wall, it’s so versatile and very classic.

The second would be jewel tones, we’re slowly seeing it more and more with clients who are brave enough to let us get creative. Deep burgundies, navy, raspberry, etc, weddings are getting darker and darker and we really love it.

Q: What about color combinations? Are there any that you're seeing that you've never thought could work together?

A: Yes! We have a wedding this September that we’re using all the jewel tones mentioned above and adding peacock blue. After travelling back and forth to England I saw so many beautiful spaces that used this gorgeous peacock blue mixed with jewel tones, different textures and patterns. After that I knew I had to use the color combination for someone daring enough to let me experiment!

Q: What are some of your wedding color ideas for your summer brides?

A: Well last year we saw a lot of blush. I have nothing against the color, but after seeing it so much I now encourage my clients to try a different pink if that’s what they’re looking for. This year we’re playing with dusty rose, peaches and even coral. This year is going to be much more colorful than the last!

Q:  Out of all the colors you've seen so far for summer, which one do you think is the easiest to incorporate as an accent color?

A: To be honest, I always always love working with green and white. There’s something so natural and whimsical having plenty of green against neutrals and working in pops of white. That must sound so boring! However, I think it’s more the way you style, design and arrange with these colors to create something different and surprising for guests.

Q: If you were planning a destination wedding in The Bahamas which colors would you recommend to your bride? Perhaps something that would complement the blue seas and the sky?

A: Because everyone tends to do something bright for destination weddings, I would completely try something different with cool tones, like soft purple, light blue, white and green. I know pinks and corals, even yellow look great contrasting the ocean but imagine a color combo that blends instead of contrasts. It would be absolutely beautiful.

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