She looked at me and said quite bluntly that there is only really one beach she enjoys in Nassau—Cabbage Beach. On Paradise Island, there is a beach that stretches for over a mile—a length of beautiful sand, the waves crashing back and forth. This is where locals come when they want to go to the beach. 

Cabbage Beach

It's home to skim boarders too. Not sure what that is? The "skimmers" run towards the water with a flat board, jump on the board at just the right second and ride the waves.

On this particular day, dozens of people were doing it. The waters here were crystal clear blue. The sun was setting but I just couldn't leave.  The waves started crashing in a thunderous chorus before me.  

Before long, a man approached me. The sun had just descended and I wondered why this stranger was heading my way. Thoughts raced through my mind. He walks up and introduces himself and asked if I minded taking a video of him while he fire-danced. I was completely bewildered.

He handed me a digital camera and I nodded. This was going to be interesting.

He reached into his backpack, lit two chained balls and began to light up the night. It was amazing, thrilling, and unexpected. Who would have thought that I would be on this beach watching a South African chef fire dance?