DEPTH: 60'-70' LEVEL: Intermediate
N26 31.264 W78 34.245

Once an operating car ferry in the Carolinas, this vessel was also featured In the movie ‘Halloween’. Sunk in early 1992 in an area of scattered coral heads. This site can be quite surprising sometimes with Manta Ray and loggerhead turtle sightings. On the top of the wreck, soft corals create homes for flamingo tongues while scattered debris in the area offer hiding places for drum fish.This ferryboat once transported tourists in the Carolinas. Resting at a manageable depth for novice divers, this site is home to a smattering of coral heads. Swarms of fish, such as Silversides, Snappers, Shad, Schoolmasters, and Groupers, use this structure as shelter. Cleaned, stripped, and intentionally sunk in the early Nineties, this vessel has a place in cinematic history – it served as the setting for a movie in the Halloween series.

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