Experience an adventure off the beaten path! Learn about the natural the natural formations of our land before you witness them for yourself. Take a short hike through the native and naturalized foliage to... Owl's Hole. Divers descend a 30 feet ladder into this still body of water. You'll explore the most interesting cavern on Grand Bahama whose inhabitants include, fresh water eels, shrimps the size of a large middle finger, gobies and mosquito fish. Whilst in this crystal clear body of water, you'll experience a halocline (density shift), and dive around an amazing pyramid of rocks that was once the ceiling of this amazing room. After this breath-taking dive, your guide will drive you to the coast and walk you through a heritage trail to Old Free Town, the first settlement of freed-slaves on Grand Bahama Island. Your adventure comes to a close with a packed lunch on an isolated dreamy beach.


3-hr adventure (Dive only) $119, 6-hr adventure (Full experience)$159

Grand Bahama Highway
Contact Information:
Shamie B. Rolle
(242) 727-1974


Rates are subject to change at any given time and The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, or The Government of The Bahamas, will not be held liable for any decisions made based upon it.