You’re preparing for your visit to The Bahamas and asking all your friends what you should do, eat and see when you get here. You’re listening, taking it all in but there’s one thing that everyone who has visited constantly mentions and it’s The Straw Market.

Your friends tell you it’s a must see; Google told you that it’s one of our most popular attractions; and when you land, everyone will suggest you visit. What else can you do? Grab that drink you're waiting for and head down to the straw market!

This place is always buzzing, with dialect flying, and there are so many pieces of The Bahamas here to take home. Each vendor in the market is trying to sell to make a living, but it doesn’t take away from the true Bahamian craft in the market. Many of the families that sell here have a craft that was passed down by ancestors.

Straw plaiting, is one of the main reasons to visit the market. It’s a method of braiding straw and using it to produce products such as hats, organisers, bags, decorative dolls, and more. Nothing beats watching a vendor weave your order while you wait. It’s an experience simply not offered to you anywhere else. Come for the Bahamian craft but hang around for the experience. You won’t find anything like it.