Bahamians aren’t the only residents here. The Bahamas parrot also calls this home. On our islands, bird watchers enjoy close encounters with over 109 species of birds. This includes 28 species of Bahamian birds not seen in the U.S., Canada or Europe, as well as American redstarts, Cape May warblers and West Indian flamingos, our national bird. See these birds in addition to resident and migrant birds in various environments like sanctuaries, ponds, mangroves, wetlands and native forests. And be sure to keep your binoculars and cameras close by. You won’t want to miss seeing these colorful creatures. Click here to see a recent article on Birdwatching on Grand Bahama Island.



Birding Maps Available: Andros Map, Inagua Map

The National Audubon Society also has some great resources on Birding in The Islands Of The Bahamas, click the links below to view them:
Birding and Ecotourism in The Bahamas and Suggested Itinerary

For more information on the birds of The Bahamas visit The Bahamas National Trust's site at