People to People Review 
This trip to the Nassau I was in search of a truly authentic experience and the P2P program and ambassador Kwame exceeded our expectations! I can't say enough about the exceptional hospitality of our host. From BBQ's to boating this group of ladies loved our girls weekend all the better because of our P2P encounter. We enjoyed fabulous cookouts, visits to a local conch shack and a fabulous day at sea courtesy of Kwame's Pushin Tin Charters.  If you want a slice of life (not resort life) on the island, this is it!  Its better in the Bahamas...with people to people! 

Kwame & Crew from Pushin Tin Charters 
I can still feel the sea breeze whipping through my hair...what a fabulous excursion my girl friends and I had with Pushin Tin Charters this Memorial Day Weekend. The Captains, Kwame, Charles, and crew knew how to sail like a boss and have a great time doing it. With an innate (and formalized) education of the air and sea, this team of authentic Bahamians had our safety as their number 1 priority, and FUN as our second. We were able to sail off to a private abyss and enjoy the sun, sea and local calypso music.

LeToya Stairs, M.S.