Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to have Malcolm Rae who volunteered his time to talk about his experiences of living in the Bahamas. Especially we appreciated his willingness to help with our request to visit the Centre for the Deaf. In fact this was a first-time experience even for Mr. Rae!

The principals and teachers were very welcoming and deaf children were so excited to be able to talk to us easily in the classes we visited. Hugs were given around & they even gifted us with a beautiful hand-made hat with the sign for "I Love You". We left with a full heart and happy tears, wishing we could have stayed longer. This will be our #1 stop when we return again.

Mr. Rae took us to visit his art show which is actually was the very first show on the island to feature only one artist. His work was beautiful and representative of the past of the island. We certainly enjoyed the cultural exchange and pleased to be able to also inform Mr. Rae a part of the island's deaf culture that he had never seen before. Thank you for this amazing experience!

Photos attached - authorized to use our comments and photos. We learned of this program from another user on .

Thank you, Grace & Katherine Feguer